Day 1,458: Sustained astronomical number of COVID-19 cases, deaths tied to Trump’s long-term and short-term apathy

2 min readJan 17, 2021

Donald Trump has treated COVID-19 like it’s a non-issue for a year. In many ways, it’s likely the biggest contributor to his losing the 2020 election. Even getting the disease didn’t change his public attitude about it, even as he feared it killing him like it did his friend.

His complete apathy in proactively combating the coronavirus, or at a minimum imploring Americans take the virus seriously, has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of illnesses and untold business being shuttered forever. The final figures will look far, far worse.

Things have gotten even worse since his election loss. The vaccine rollout has been a mess. Task forces have been abandoned. His days have been filled with vacations and golf. And that was before he fomented an attempted insurrection at the Capitol.

These days, Trump’s schedule is filled with air. To wit, the My Pillow guy dropped by for five minutes on Friday, as Trump focused most of his attention on planning his own military-laden exit.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases are breaking records by the day, as the Trump team has largely abandoned their posts and are happily letting Joe Bidens’ team clean up their mess from what will certainly be more than 400,000 deaths and 25 million cases.

This is going on as Trump is holed up in the White House, sad that his Twitter account got suspended. There haven’t been meetings on any topic in months, including the coronavirus. There’s no plan and somehow there’s even less empathy from Trump, despite over 100 Americans dying every hour from the disease.

1,458 days in, 4 to go

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