Day 1,441: It’s a workweek and thousands of Americans are dying every day from COVID-19. Donald Trump keeps playing golf.

2 min readDec 31, 2020


Despite last month’s presidential election loss, the Constitution says Donald Trump will stay in office until January 20. So while he still draws a paycheck, round-the-clock security and care, taxpayer-funded home and travel accommodations, and plenty more that comes with the job, he has completely given up at even pretending to work or be busy.

His daily schedule continues to have a note added to it: “During the Holiday [sic] season, President Trump will continue to work tirelessly for the American People [sic]. His schedule includes many meetings and calls.”

But since arriving in Florida on Christmas Eve, his schedule has showed one of two things: nothing or golf. (Even before that, his schedule routinely had one item, or less on it.)

  • December 24: Golf
  • December 25: Golf
  • December 26: Nothing
  • December 27: Golf
  • December 28: Golf
  • December 29: Nothing
  • December 30: Golf

While some Americans have slower workweeks between Christmas and the new year, the presidency is a full-time, 24/7/365 job, at least for most officeholders. That idea should be especially true for the current one as a pandemic continues to rage out of control and vaccine rollout has been deadly slow.

Yet Wednesday marked Trump’s fifth round of golf in seven days, without a single meeting or public appearance on his schedule during that span.

He’s content to play golf, ignore COVID-19, spout nonsense on Twitter, and pretend that some fantastical plan will come together to let him be the one sworn in on Inauguration Day.

The one thing he won’t do under any circumstances: work.

1,441 days in, 21 to go

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