Day 1,135: Trump: Coronavirus is a ‘new hoax’

1 min readFeb 29, 2020

Donald Trump held a rally in Charleston, South Carolina on Friday. He began rambling, as he does most of the time at such affairs and the topic of coronavirus came up.

Thousands around the world have died from the disease and new positive diagnoses in the U.S. occur by the hour. And yet Trump told the crowd that the virus was a “new hoax” propagated by Democrats.

This appears to be more than a gross and impromptu remark from Trump, as his chief of staff argued the same earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, Trump has already approached the coronavirus outbreak in a horrific, embarrassing and dangerous way. Friday, he continued to reveal himself to woefully ignorant about a plan to combat the illness.

The Trump administration’s “emergency” answers to a potential coronavirus epidemic don’t seem to include any semblance of a medical plan.

Instead, they’re focused on tax cuts.

People are dying around the world, and people will likely die in the U.S. resulting from the illness. All Trump can think about is rewarding corporations and his rich buddies with another round of tax cuts.

1,135 days in, 327 to go

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