Day 1,442: Trump heads back to Washington a day early for final attempt to overturn fair election

Donald Trump left hundreds of Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve partygoers disappointed — after they paid four-figures per ticket for the event, of course — by deciding to head back to Washington D.C. a day early.

His goal isn’t a noble one, as there’s no sign of work on the horizon.

Rather, it’s a ridiculous attempt to overturn the election, despite the results being long-certified by all 50 states and Washington D.C.

The latest plan — after all previous ones have crashed and burned — involves persuading or preventing Mike Pence from certifying the vote on January 6. The theory goes that if Pence doesn’t open envelopes from certain states in the certification process, Trump can win by a majority of the votes counted. The problem, of course, is that goes against the very ideas of democracy and the Constitution, and the will of tens of millions of voters.

But Trump is leaning all-in to the idea, hoping his Hail Mary is answered, despite a fair and wide loss in the election last month. But even Pence, one of Trump’s biggest enablers, isn’t even on board.

2021 — the first weeks of which will see Trump’s final days in office — begin with the continuing of among the most anti-democratic maneuvers in American history.

1,442 days in, 20 to go

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