Day 1,451: Trump hasn’t reached out to family of slain police officer or Mike Pence after MAGA mob’s attempted insurrection

2 min readJan 10, 2021

Seventy-two hours later, the aftershocks of the Donald Trump-inspired attempted insurrection are still being felt around the country.

After the MAGA mob infiltrated the Capitol, many demanded that Mike Pence be hanged for, apparently, opening envelopes as part of the election certification process that he was constitutionally bound to do.

Trump, despite being in the same bunker as Pence, refused to even check on his veep.

By all accounts, the relationship between Trump and Pence is icy at best. The odd marriage has turned into a very public and bitter divorce.

As if not having the decency or empathy to even check on Pence is bad, Trump hasn’t even reached out to the family of the police officer who was killed during the rioting. And, while it really shouldn’t matter, that’s despite the fact that the slain officer was a Trump supporter. Pence called, as did Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), but Trump has not.

Trump likes to drape himself in cries of “law and order” and “blue lives matter,” while distorting Democratic ideas about policing, but when it comes to a very real police life that was lost defending members of Congress and one of the nation’s most sacred buildings, there’s total silence from Trump.

1,451 days in, 11 to go

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