Day 1,389: As COVID-19 cases continue to set daily records, Trump hits golf course for 300th time during presidency

Nov 9, 2020

Despite his election loss, Donald Trump still has 73 days until Joe Biden’s January 20, 2021 inauguration. Much like the past 1,389 days, Trump has no desire to do much resembling governing or leading during that time period.

On one hand, his team is staging bizarre press conferences vaguely alleging election fraud in front of landscaping businesses while planning litigation-focused rallies, and on the other hand Trump is back to playing golf even as daily COVID-19 cases are hitting multiple records every week.

Trump’s Sunday golf outing, his second in as many days, was his 300th such visit to one of his golf clubs.

Trump has spent over one-fifth of his presidency at one of his golf clubs, likely contributing to his joining a different exclusive club: that of an incumbent president losing a reelection bid.

A record number of Americans are still getting sick during a pandemic and Trump is planning a pity-party parade of rallies and a bevy of golf outings while trying to baselessly anoint himself the winner of an election he clearly lost.

The end of Trump’s time in office was always destined to be as pathetic as the beginning and the middle.

1,389 days in, 73 to go

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