Day 8: Trump Wastes Money Rather Than Making Americans Aware of Insurance Deadline

Donald Trump has made numerous promises about “insurance for everybody.” Turns out that’s a lie; he’s really not all the concerned with ensuring more Americans are insured.

Open enrollment into Obamacare-based health insurance plans ends on January 31st. Even if the law is repealed tomorrow, everyone who signs up before that date would be covered for at least a year.

The federal government has already allocated and spent money related to the running of advertisements, both on television and other. The ads are aimed at reminding and advising would-be enrollees of the approaching deadline.

As reported by Politico, those ads — again, already placed and paid for — have been pulled by the current administration, with no explanation.

That’s not all.

Media outreach designed to spur signups and previously-highly successful emails being sent out to individuals who visited encouraging them to finish signing up have both been axed as well.

The people who sign-up late are the ones that make the system work, too.

Trump is trying to obscure the fact that if you’re uninsured, you can sign up for health insurance via Obamacare for the next five days. Health and Human Services’ Twitter account has not mentioned the Affordable Care Act, deadlines or how to sign-up since the day before Trump took office.

The reasons for Trump’s obstructions into more Americans being insured aren’t clear and will likely never be clear.

Do what Trump & Co. won’t: spread the word. Get insured.

8 days in, 1454 to go

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