Day 7: Deranged President Thinks National Conspiracy Against Him

2 min readJan 26, 2017

Same Donald Trump, same voter fraud conspiracy theories.

Trump is concerned, in part, about people registered in multiple states. This is not a crime, by the way, as long as you only vote once and do so in the proper district.

You may be familiar with some people who are registered in multiple districts: Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor Steve Bannon, Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin and Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany Trump.

We’re starting the investigation with them, right?

A New York Times article really highlights the craziness of the situation where Trump’s mind currently sits:

  1. Trump proclaims in a meeting with some members of Congress that he would’ve won the popular vote without massive voter fraud;
  2. No Republican has the fortitude to call Trump out on the ridiculous premise, though at least one Democrat does;
  3. Trump’s evidence is, in part, his friend who saw people with darker-than-white skin voting in Florida while the friend was also trying to vote;
  4. The friend, a prominent golfer, was turned away from the polls and was not allowed to vote;
  5. The golfer is a German citizen who is not actually permitted to vote; and
  6. The golfer denies the entire story through his daughter, including the fact that he and Trump are friends.

Have we hit peak Trump delusion? Are we even halfway there?

Trump’s claim that 3–5 million illegal votes cost him the election is beyond an highly unlikely. It would require a conspiracy of epic proportions across state lines, county lines, political parties, voting precincts, governors, staffers and more. All with no one speaking out about it.

Now, Trump is going to launch a faux investigation into the matter. This will end, of course, with Trump proclaiming that “some” voter fraud happened, but we’ll never know to what extent.

The man is so insecure about his victory that he’s willing to throw out the same voter fraud tropes he was prepared to scream if he lost. After all, if voter fraud did occur, wouldn’t it potentially adversely affect the man who won and cast doubt about his victory?

The fact that Trump can’t see that his arguments are absurd in victory underscores how delusional — and, yes, stupid — the President truly is.

7 days in, 1455 to go

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