Day -5: Appreciating Barack Obama

2 min readJan 15, 2017

Mr. President,

You have been someone to look up to for the last eight years.

Thank you.

For the way you gave us hope in ourselves and our fellow man.

For the way you handled yourself, unflinchingly, when slandered, mocked and ridiculed.

For the way you, quite literally, saved the economy.

For the way you dragged unemployment below 5% when your opponents said it was impossible.

For the way you steered this nation through an extremely complex set of issues.

For the way you used humor and self-awareness to always be one of us.

For giving access to affordable health care to tens of millions of uninsured Americans.

For showing us what an amazing relationship with your vice president can do.

For getting Osama bin Laden.

For overcoming where many hoped you would — and tried to get you to — fail.

For being the constant adult voice in a room full of children.

For your compassion.

For being a scandal free role model, father and husband.

Your successor doesn’t have very many of those qualities, and we’ll appreciate yours more every single day moving forward.

You were the very best in all of us.

Thanks, Obama.

-5 days in, 1466 to go

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