Day 423: Innocent People Don’t Act Like Donald Trump is Acting

Donald Trump’s fervor over the Robert Mueller investigation is hitting new peaks. After Mueller sent Trump and his team a list of questions and topics he would like to question Trump about and subpoenaed Trump Organization records, Trump has gone crazy.

Late Friday, his wishes were carried out when longtime federal government employee and former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired just hours before he was set to retire.

Now, his tweets about the investigation have hit new levels of insanity.

They’re aimed at declaring himself innocent in nonsensical fashion.

As well as discrediting longtime investigators with clean records.

And attempting to drive a partisan wedge into the proceedings.

Mueller, Comey, McCabe and Rod Rosenstein — who is overseeing the Mueller investigation after Jeff Sessions’ recusal — are all Republicans.

Innocent people don’t tweet or act the way Trump has been. If their actions have been completely above board, they have nothing to be fearful of and issue a simple statement looking forward to be cleared of wrong-doing. For example, take the Benghazi investigation into Hillary Clinton. She testified for hours, was respectful of the committee and didn’t protest it is a farce, even as Republicans later admitted it was a personal attack used to tamp down her political aspirations.

But Trump’s reaction to an investigation — that has already bore significant fruit — is that it’s a partisan witch hunt where evidence is being manufactured.

He is a scared, cornered animal looking for any way out.

Innocent people don’t act like he has acted for a year, and they especially don’t act like he has acted for the last week.

423 days in, 1039 to go

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