Day 10: Racist Running Things for Trump

We have previously warned about Steve Bannon’s proximity to Donald Trump. Bannon, Trump’s senior counselor and chief strategist, is perhaps best known from running a racist, radical right wing, conspiracy-peddling website. The website has a section highlighting crimes committed by black people.

Bannon has said he wants to “destroy the state” and “bring everything crashing down.” He thinks Asian CEOs in Silicon Valley should go back home since “a civic society” means “more than an economy.” Last week he advised the press to “keep its mouth shut.”

We’ll call him what he is: a racist, dangerous individual who should have no seat in the political arena, much less directly in the ear of the little man in charge of the free world.

Yesterday, who was interpreting the racist, absurd executive order blocking refugees from entering the country? Steve Bannon.

Who helped said executive order bypass traditional legal checkpoints in the Office of Legal Counsel and Department of Justice attorneys and the review process overseen by the National Security Counsel? Steve Bannon.

Who was just placed on the National Security Counsel — while the Director of National Intelligence’s seat is largely limited — despite such positions not being normally provided to political operatives? Steve Bannon.

Donald Trump is sitting back, signing whatever his advisers put in front of him.

Unfortunately for America, the nation of immigrants, the number one voice in Trump’s ear is a racist who wouldn’t mind seeing the state burn down.

10 days in, 1452 to go

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