Day -1: Predictions for a Donald Trump Presidency

2 min readJan 19, 2017

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration — yes, this is apparently really happening — we’ve decided to make a few predictions:

  • Donald Trump will not be impeached;
  • No more than one Cabinet-nominee fails to get confirmed;
  • Despite having total control of the U.S. government (presidency, Senate, House of Representatives) and total control of over half of the state governments (governorship, state legislature), the Republicans and Donald Trump, incredibly, will continue to blame the Democrats and Barack Obama;
  • The U.S. will engage in a new military conflict in the next four years;
  • Questions and concerns surrounding Donald Trump’s numerous conflicts on interest will increase daily;
  • Co-mingling of business and personal relationships among all of Congress, following the president’s lead, will reach new heights;
  • Propaganda continues: small victories will be spun as huge wins; setbacks are spun as accepted results;
  • Upgrades to the fence between Mexico and the U.S. will happen, but no wall will be built; Mexico will fund or reimburse $0.00 of this work;
  • America’s reputation on the international stage takes a substantial step backwards;
  • Diplomatic meetings around the world between the president and foreign heads of state will drop precipitously as Donald Trump claims he can just as easily do the work from the U.S. and it’s a waste of money to fly around the world for meetings;
  • Previous norms of the executive office go away: access is limited, the press is stymied, questions go unanswered and the inner workings of the nation are more opaque than ever;
  • “Fake news!” will be screamed anytime a story is published that the administration doesn’t like;
  • Donald Trump will spend an inordinate amount of time in New York City, but proclaim that he is working and not on vacation;
  • Melania Trump is rarely seen and less often heard;
  • Following a scandal-free eight years, the Donald Trump administration will see the most scandals in generations of the small, medium and large variety;
  • A few Republican Senators become real thorns in Donald Trump’s side (most likely: Rand Paul, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse and possibly Marco Rubio) (Note: contact your Senator or Representative if you’re unhappy with what they’re doing or not doing. That’s why they have been elected.);
  • The Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin/Russia relationship questions get louder after the U.S. eases or eliminates economic sanctions on Russia;
  • Donald Trump is not humbled by the presidency or the magnitude of the job, and he continues to pick personal fights and attempts to gain the upper hand in vendettas via Twitter or otherwise;
  • Donald Trump does not seek reelection;
  • It’s going to be a very long four years.

-1 days in, 1462 to go

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