Day 1,462: Zero days left: Trump’s time in office by the depressing numbers, long-lasting damage and abject failures

Donald Trump slinked away to South Florida early Wednesday morning, too petty and too tiny to attend the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden.

The past four years have shown Trump to be remarkably incurious, unintelligent, hot-tempered, dangerous, and ill-equipped for and uninterested in the job to which he was elected.

The long-term effects of Trump’s time in office won’t be known for decades. But to say nothing of the incalculable— the erosion of American democracy, increased civil unrest, the damage to the nation’s world standing and respect, the enabling of strongmen and authoritarians around the world, replacing untold career officials for political ones — the objective metrics of Trump’s presidency have been nothing short of disastrous.

The numbers are eye-popping:

  • $7.8 trillion: increase in the size of the national debt, despite Trump’s many promises to eliminate it in its entirety

1,462 days in, 0 to go

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