Day 1,457: Trump plans pomp-filled Jan. 20 send-off for himself

Moving day at the White House is rapidly approaching, as Donald Trump is spending his final weekend in office largely alone.

With many aides resigning, and others avoiding Trump, his Friday was filled with nothing except the My Pillow guy. He came to the White House, to apparently try to coerce Trump to revive election fraud claims — and maybe invoke martial law — which even Trump and his team found exasperating.

Trump is already looking to next week, which includes planning himself a diplomatic send off at Joint Base Andrews.

Trump is clearly struggling immensely with the idea that the country has moved on. He lost the election to Joe Biden. His approval numbers are their lowest ever. He’s been abandoned in the White House. His social media presence and beloved Twitter followers have been vaporized.

So, with nothing else to do or look forward to, Trump is planning a final party for himself, hoping it makes him appear loved and important. Deep down, even he must know it’s all an empty gesture, a forced final ego stroke that will be fleeting and echo for mere moments.

1,457 days in, 5 to go

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