Day 1,419: Trump: ‘Terrific’ that 15% of Americans have contracted COVID-19

1 min readDec 9, 2020

Donald Trump atrocious decision-making on the coronavirus is baked in and Trump still has no intention of turning off the oven: 15 million Americans have been infected, 284,000 have died, and hospitalizations and new positive cases are skyrocketing.

Trump’s rhetoric about the virus — in the rare times that he has to discuss it — continues to be abhorrent.

Ostensibly appearing to celebrate positive vaccine news, Trump was asked about the surging infection rates throughout the country. He said, “I hear we’re close to 15 percent. I’m hearing that, and that’s terrific,” of the percentage of Americans who have contracted a deadly disease that has unknown long-term health consequences.

As Americans died by the tens of thousands, Trump claimed that COVID-19 was under control in the U.S. Before that, he swore it would never reach American shores. Now he’s openly celebrating rising infection rates.

Every day, Trump again proves that there is no empathy. No understanding. No bottom.

1,419 days in, 43 to go

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