Day 1,409: Trump plays more golf as U.S. nears COVID-19 ‘calamity’

The coronavirus continues to rage out of control and things are very likely to soon get far worse.

Hospitalizations increase every day, as the number of patients are overwhelming an already exhausted medical workforce and system.

To date, over 13 million people have been infected in the U.S. and nearly 265,000 have died of COVID-19.

Experts say the worst is likely still in front of the U.S. While a vaccine on the horizon is a sign of hope, the near-term impacts will far predate widespread inoculations.

With death counts that are already incredibly high and completely unacceptable, the federal government should be leading the charge to protect its citizens. And yet, with an election loss in his rearview mirror — not that he was working hard to tackle the pandemic before that — Donald Trump is preoccupied with his golf game.

He helicoptered in to his private golf course on Saturday, his 307th such visit while in office. It was his third trip in as many days.

Trump has now shamelessly spent some or all of 29.6% of his days in office at any one his private properties, including golf courses, hotels and resorts.

Experts are sounding the alarm that the horrific is about to become catastrophic, but Trump just wants to play golf in silence.

1,409 days in, 53 to go

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