Day 1,394: Trump: I did wonderful job ensuring election security, except for where I didn’t and that’s why I lost

Nov 14, 2020

The long, strange “but I actually won the 2020 election” conspiracy-fueled trip from Donald Trump is showing no end in sight.

Friday’s latest bizarre ramblings included Trump bragging about doing a “wonderful job” to make sure that 2020 was “the most secure election ever.” However, that throws cold water all over his own insistence that the election was rigged against him. So Trump simultaneous and baselessly claimed that the election was entirely secure but for the Democrats’ rigging. (By its own definition, this would make the election not secure.)

There were plenty of other crazy tweets, including a totally delusional one about the GOP being prevented from watching 700,000 ballots get counted in Pennsylvania Democratic strongholds. (Philadelphia livestreamed their counting for anyone to watch.) Trump nonsensically alleged that the Constitution entitled him to win the state’s electoral votes based on this invented-in-his-mind scenario. (At the court level, Trump’s claims are being dismissed across the country.)

In Georgia, seeing only GOP leadership, Trump blamed the Republican secretary of state. Just two years ago, Trump touted as “fantastic” and “really important” the same person he insulted on Friday.

According to Trump, the election was perfect.

Except where it wasn’t, because of the Democrats.

Also, because of the Republicans.

1,394 days in, 68 to go

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