Day 1,372: Trump refuses to take responsibility for anything and has no plans at second debate with Biden

2 min readOct 23, 2020

Donald Trump and Joe Biden debated for the second and final time with Election Day just 12 days away.

Trump tried to remain more toned down during the debate, but his words were just as twisted and angry and full of lies as ever. Throughout the evening, the main theme was Trump continuing to shout that nothing was his fault, while failing to lay out any plan for a potential second term.

On COVID-19, setting the stage early, Trump initially said he took total responsibility for the spread before immediately saying it wasn’t his fault and that it was China’s.

On the proliferation of nuclear weapons in North Korea, Trump tried to cite Barack Obama as the problem before touting his own relationship with Kim Jong-un.

On his taxes, Trump said his accountants told him he still can’t release his returns for the public to see because he’s still under audit.

On 545 migrant children whose families the Trump administration can’t find after forcibly separating them, Trump blamed drug cartels and coyotes before claiming the Trump-created orphans “are so well taken care of” in federal detention.

On healthcare, while his administration is trying to invalidate the Affordable Care Act at the Supreme Court next month, Trump refused to answer why he doesn’t have a plan of his own yet to replace the ACA if it is struck down.

On race relations, even when prompted, Trump couldn’t speak directly to minority families about how things would improve.

With no real response on most topics, Trump tried to point his finger and blame others, including Biden, for his own missteps. Even after four years in office, it’s clear that Donald Trump believes — or is desperate for America to believe — that nothing is ever Donald Trump’s fault.

1,372 days in, 90 to go

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