Day 1,364: Trump is still telling the ‘Mexico is paying for the wall’ lie

2 min readOct 15, 2020

It’s been over a half-decade of Donald Trump telling his favorite lie, and somehow he’s still trying to get away with it.

Wednesday, Trump told a crowd, for the third straight night, that Mexico is paying for a southern border wall.

In no way — direct, indirect, or other — is Mexico paying for any such structure.

The money is largely being taken from military projects and other items earmarked by the Pentagon. Trump has tried demanding that U.S. budgets include border funding. And he alleged, nonsensically, that the money is coming from nonexistent “toll booths” or other sources, but it’s not.

There isn’t really even a wall.

Despite Trump promising a coast-to-coast border wall, before scaling it back to 1,000 miles, to date Trump has built about 30 miles of new wall.

What has been built is largely replacement barrier. Far from impenetrable, the expensive structure is being defeated by cheap tools.

From the beginning of his term to the end of it, Trump is still trying to get Americans believe the same ridiculous lie.

For all of Trump’s bluster about a wall, what’s really at the southern border is a fraction of the barrier promised, predominately replacement for aging areas, that is largely ineffective, expensive and funded entirely by the U.S. taxpayer.

1,364 days in, 98 to go

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