Day 1,361: Still possibly COVID-19-positive Trump plans superspreader campaign events in four states

It has been just 10 days since Donald Trump announced he tested positive for COVID-19. The past week and a half have shown a total disregard for the safety of those around him, and he’s set to continue that trend.

Despite no comment by Trump or his doctors as to the last time Trump tested negative for the coronavirus — a date that very well could have predated the debate with Joe Biden on September 29 — he wants to hold more rallies in more states. Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina are set for Trump rallies, potentially superspreader events like the Amy Coney Barrett ceremony at the White House.

Trump does not care about those around him: aides, staff, other politicians, even Secret Service agents protecting his life. This week’s planned events show something there’s already plenty of evidence for: Trump doesn’t even care about the lives of his own supporters.

COVID-19 cases are surging in the U.S., and the country has already seen more than 7.7 million cases and 214,000 deaths. But that’s moot to Trump as he and his team try to deflect all responsibility. Everything is fungible to Trump — even hundreds of thousands of his own supporters’ lives — if he thinks it improves his chances of getting reelected.

1,361 days in, 101 to go

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