Day 1,360: Trump secures endorsement from Taliban as North Korea parades massive new weapons

2 min readOct 11, 2020

Election Day is just 24 days. Noticeably absent from Donald Trump’s pitch as to why he deserves four more years in office is really much discussion about any policy from the past four.

Trump met with Kim Jong-un a whopping three times, each time announcing that big progress was being made on a peace deal, while managing to embarrass himself and the U.S. He canceled war games with South Korea, saluted a North Korean general, gifted Kim an Elton John CD, and bragged he and Kim were “in love” with one another.

At every turn, the North Koreans played Trump, as he secured literally nothing for giving Kim his much-desired photo-ops and additional credibility.

The insult was added to injury Saturday when the North Koreans proudly paraded their latest and greatest weapons—”what analysts believe to be one of the world’s largest ballistic missiles” — down the streets of Pyongyang.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is focused almost entirely on finding more of Hillary Clinton’s emails before the election.

In other foreign policy news, on Friday, the Taliban, whom Trump secretly invited to the U.S. around 9/11 last year, endorsed Trump for the current cycle and expressed concern in his fight with COVID-19.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told CBS News in a phone interview, “We hope he will win the election and wind up U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.” The militant group expressed some concern about Mr. Trump’s bout with the coronavirus. “When we heard about Trump being COVID-19 positive, we got worried for his health, but seems he is getting better,” another Taliban senior leader told CBS News.

Trump claimed he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for his work with North Korea. Now they’re showing off weapons that make the U.S. and world a more dangerous place. At the same time, one of the largest terror organizations in the world is endorsing Trump for another term in office.

1,360 days in, 102 to go

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