Day 1,355: Gasping, maskless Trump returns to White House in heavily staged event, continues to endanger everyone around him

Still infected with COVID-19 and still contagious, Donald Trump left Walter Reed hospital on Monday, apparently for reasons that have as much to do with boredom than health. Despite just days ago being afraid he was near death, Trump ridiculously tweeted, “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

Trump neglected to mention his own fear of dying just days ago and the world-class one-of-a-kind treatment he received, surrounded by a dozen doctors in a top-notch facility with access to rare and experimental drugs at a moment’s notice.

The entire discharge was turned into a reality show.

Once Trump got to the White House, he immediately removed his mask for a photo-op, one he filmed twice, endangering everyone around him again.

And despite trying to show strength and health, Trump ended up huffing and puffing while just standing in place, notwithstanding his claim that he feels amazing fighting a disease that is attacking his lungs.

Meanwhile, Trump appears to be on a number of drugs that can cause various potential side effects, including mood swings, and his current behavior is reportedly causing Donald Trump Jr. to want to stage an intervention.

Remaining coy about the person holding the most powerful position in the world, the White House is refusing to explain even the basics about Trump’s current status.

Showing he still doesn’t get it, Trump suggested he was immune from COVID-19 in a video filmed, without a mask, from the White House.

1,355 days in, 107 to go

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