Day 1,352: Trump tests positive for COVID-19, goes to hospital as infection spreads throughout his orbit

Donald Trump announced just after midnight Friday that he and wife Melania tested positive for COVID-19, just hours after it was reported that top aide Hope Hicks also tested positive.

Later, a not-so-great looking or sounding Trump announced news that broke earlier in the day: he was headed to Walter Reed hospital.

While Trump and his team spun the decision as precautionary, it’s clear that he is having real symptoms and there is a level of concern from those around him.

Trump hasn’t publicly treated the virus with serious concern since day one. His cavalier attitude was apparent when it came to Americans at-large: calling the virus the Democrats’ hoax, distorting data and treatments, and admitting he asked to slow the amount of testing down. It was also apparent when it came to those around him: dismissive about the need to wear masks or social distance, and continuing to hold large rallies and events (including indoors). Even after his positive testing, the White House has refused to make mask-wearing mandatory.

In the epitome of selfishness, Trump attended a fundraiser Thursday despite not feeling 100% and knowing about Hicks’ diagnosis.

Many around Trump and the White are now testing positive, including journalists, senators and GOP officials.

It appears one source of the outbreak could have been the Saturday Rose Garden event nominating Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Attendees hugged and chatted in close quarters, with few masks in sight.

Meanwhile, the Trump family reportedly did not get tested before attending the presidential debate three days later and then refused to wear masks once inside.

Trump, on stage, scoffed at Joe Biden’s frequent wearing of masks.

Biden tested negative on Friday but is expected to be tested daily.

Four years of White House lying have led to this moment. A population desperate to learn truthful information about the president, and an untrustworthy communications team that routinely and flagrantly lies about everything.

1,352 days in, 110 to go

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