Day 1,344: In rare moment, Trump forced to hear the boos, see the awful polls

For nearly four years, the White House has tried to hide angry Americans and dissent from Donald Trump. They have changed motorcade routes just to avoid protesters. They let his eyes gaze at only positive news clippings. They keep the TV dialed into favorable coverage. They surround him with yes-men and purge anyone who won’t fall in line. They take him to events where he can only get applauded, especially if he has just felt an iota of pushback.

But Thursday, Trump was exposed to what the White House has tried to veil.

With no real choice but to show up at the Supreme Court to pay respects to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump was roundly booed by the crowd, and he appeared genuinely stunned by the reaction. That was especially true as booming “Vote him out!” chants echoed against the court’s facade. Gone was the machismo and faux confidence that exists when he is surrounded exclusively by aides or his supporters.

The reaction came amid of a slew of polls, including one from Fox News, showing Trump lagging in states he carried — some very easily — in 2016.

In 40 days, whether Trump likes it or not, the American people will cast their ballots and let their voices be heard.

1,344 days in, 118 to go

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