Day 1,337: Biden nails it: Trump only claiming voter fraud because he has no confidence in winning

Donald Trump’s highly antidemocratic fear-mongering and disenfranchisement campaign is back, if it was ever gone in the first place.

Seeing poll after poll after poll with him trailing Joe Biden in an election less than seven weeks away, Trump is claiming non-existent widespread voter fraud is the reason he will lose.

Trump sent tweet after tweet to that effect again Thursday — following weeks of the same — including one attacking his handpicked FBI director.

At a town hall, Biden was asked about Trump’s baseless attacks on democracy. Biden’s response: Trump is only saying that because he knows he’s likely to lose.

If Trump thought he had an excellent shot of winning, there’s not an iota of a chance that he’d claim voter fraud is rampant.

He’ll never allow himself to just “lose” the election, especially to someone he has shamefully and falsely tried to paint as senile. So for Trump, there must be an underlying reason, and he’s doing everything to lay that foundation now.

1,337 days in, 125 to go

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