Day 1,332: It took weeks and millions of acres burning for Trump to even mention wildfires ravaging West Coast

2 min readSep 13, 2020

California, Oregon and Washington have been burning for weeks, turning the sky in many areas to a terrifying Mars-like orange. Tens of millions of people are being affected by toxic air as millions of acres have been burned and continue to burn. At least 28 people have died and dozens more remaining missing during the historic blazes.

And Donald Trump seems to not have noticed.

For weeks, he has ignored the issue publicly, choosing to spend his time amplifying TV shows, campaigning and doing anything but acknowledging the deadly fires.

Over the past month, Trump has tweeted over 1,400 times. He mentioned the fires for the first time Friday, thanking the firefighters for their heroic work.

At press briefings and gaggles, Trump has remained silent about the smoldering region, as he has yet to address the victims, solutions or the climate change underscoring the increasingly frequent blazes.

It seems at least one of the reasons Trump has ignored a national emergency is because it’s happening to predominately blue states.

Trump has never understood that he represents all Americans, not just ones that voted for him. On top of that, during regional and national crises — COVID-19, economic, natural disasters — Trump has largely receded, unable to do the mere basics of the job.

For the current emergency, Trump has buried his head in the sand and ignored the problem, as if the thousands of miles in between it and Washington make it irrelevant.

1,332 days in, 130 to go

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