Day 1,330: ‘Calm, no panic!’ Trump swears amid 60 anxiety-laden tweets

2 min readSep 11, 2020

Donald Trump is playing a lot of defense with the election less than two months away and some states starting early voting in less than two weeks. These days that most prominently includes his handling of and lying about COVID-19 and calling military members “suckers” and “losers”.

Still, Thursday, Trump claimed on Twitter that his temperament was “[c]alm, no panic!”

The rest of his day would suggest otherwise.

At a press briefing, he freely admitted to watching hours and hours of favorable TV programming in the past day.

And he couldn’t stop tweeting, hitting 60 tweets on the day.

Trump started early, disjointedly disparaging a decorated veteran over a phone call that led to Trump’s impeachment.

He nervously tweeted a promise about not gutting Social Security and forgiving deferred payroll taxes — something he doesn’t even have such power on — despite his multiple past promises to slash entitlements.

The not-so-subtly-racist scare tactics toward suburbanites were back.

There was a very, very strange propping up of a brutal dictator.

And despite Trump trying to convince everyone that he is the pillar of serene, he (apparently) accidentally retweeted a picture of someone making fun of his weight.

Finally, there was the classic trifecta of Trump thin-skinism and delusion: the media, voter enfranchisement, Barack Obama.

Thursday, Trump was anything but calm and panic-free. With fundraising drying up, polls skewing heavily against him, and time running low, Trump’s frazzled nerves were as apparent as ever.

1,330 days in, 132 to go

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