Day 1,321: Trump denies he’s had series of mini-strokes as clips of him ranting about thrown soup and plane ‘loaded with thugs’ clad in black go viral

Amid a report that Donald Trump’s suspicious and unplanned November 2019 trip to Walter Reed National Medical Center led Mike Pence to be on “standby to take over,” many looked, again, as to the underlying reasons for Trump’s strange visit.

Some armchair physicians, looking at Trump’s uneven gait at a number of appearances, have speculated that Trump has had a series of mini-strokes, something reported by no reputable organization. Thin-skinned as ever, Trump responded, essentially to no one, many times throughout the day.

Meanwhile, not doing Trump’s self-defense any favors are two unhinged clips circulating.

One, from July, shows Trump rambling about soup — throwing soup, soup in bags, comparing soup to bricks, the force of thrown soup, excuses for people having soup — for a full minute.

A second, from Tuesday, shows Trump regurgitating an absurd conspiracy theory, originally floated on Monday, that protesters, all dressed in black, “filled” a plane. Trump couldn't give a description of the person who told him this ludicrous story or any flight details, but it appears to align with a months-old internet rumor.

Trump may not have had a series of mini-strokes, but his unhinged behavior — along with a still unexplained trip to Walter Reed — have led to a number of unanswered questions for the man who continues to claim, without any evidence, that Joe Biden is suffering from a diminished state.

1,321 days in, 141 to go

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