Day 1,318: With so many major issues in the country, Trump is still obsessed about TV ratings and books

2 min readAug 30, 2020

A pandemic continuing to ravage the country, destroying American lives and American life.

A deadly hurricane that has left at least 16 Americans dead, millions without power and homes permanently destroyed along the Gulf Coast.

A national reckoning intersecting at police brutality, racial inequality and armed nationalists.

The above are just three things that should be on the forefront of Donald Trump’s mind. Instead, the perpetually thin-skinned septuagenarian is busy tweeting about convention ratings (the DNC’s were higher across the board compared to the RNC, and Joe Biden drew a larger audience than Trump) and books written about him.

Without evidence Trump claimed the RNC’s ratings were higher.

And, in yet another admission of failure, Trump insulted his former National Security Advisor — as well as his niece and one of the most famous journalists in the country — for writing a book about him that revealed his inadequacies and failures.

Tweeting dozens of times about wholly irrelevant things, including imploring his followers to tune into right-wing TV shows, Trump still doesn’t understand that he was elected to lead the entire country. Failing to lead in any sense of the word, Trump is content to do the bare minimum, even while asking Americans to give him four more years in office.

1,318 days in, 144 to go

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