Day 1,314: Trump’s only comment related to Jacob Blake shooting: ‘call in the National Guard’ for crowd control

Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by Wisconsin police on Sunday evening. A cell phone video of the shooting, which as gone viral, shows a white officer or officers cavalierly unloading on the unarmed Black man in front of his three sons.

Blake, against all odds, is alive according to his family, though is experiencing paralysis.

Joe Biden’s response was fast and clear.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, always clinging to his ‘the police can do no wrong’ mantra, has largely ignored the shooting. The closest Trump has gotten to a comment about the near-homicide was Tuesday night when he implored Wisconsin’s governor to “call in the National Guard” to stem the protests in the state.

There’s no empathy for yet another unarmed Black man shot by police or presidential-like comments calling for peace or an investigation.

Instead, for Trump, it’s all about staying on-brand that more law and order is the answer to law and order behaving with reckless disregard for human life. To Trump the “problem” is the protests and community reaction to more police violence, not the police violence itself.

1,314 days in, 148 to go

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