Day 1,309: Trump rambles about faucets, light bulbs, sharks, polling dead people and sweeping forests

Speaking in Old Forge, Pennsylvania on Thursday, Trump went into the well to hit his favorite talking points, no matter how false. He lied about COVID-19, bragged about his relationships with dictators, and again claimed, without evidence, that the November election would be rife with voter fraud.

On the odd side of things, Trump hit a number of other topics too.

In an effort to hurt Joe Biden’s appeal to Pennsylvania voters, Trump blamed the former vice president for “abandon[ing] Scranton” as an elementary school student.

Trump boasted about repealing a bunch of taxes, but couldn’t name a single one.

He continued extolling his bizarre belief that he, despite no expertise in the field, has the secret to preventing forest fires.

Trump meandered in strange tangents, seeming to lose track of his thoughts more than usual.

And, again, he triumphed his brave war on plumbing fixtures and light bulbs.

And Trump claimed that he’s only down in polls because they’re polling people who have no intention of voting, including dead people.

Watching any of Trump’s speeches generally blows up every facade of his persona, but it was all on display Thursday. There’s no “very stable genius,” or someone with a great memory or anything else that Trump uses to prop himself up. Instead, it’s a 74-year-old man-child repeating lie after lie, often about the most mundane or outlandish of topics, desperately hoping something sticks.

1,309 days in, 153 to go

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