Day 1,308: Trump cozies up to far-right QAnon conspiracy theorists and goes on a number of unhinged rants

Donald Trump has found his latest nutty right-wing group to cozy up to. This time it’s QAnon, who the FBI has classified a domestic terrorist group. QAnon believes there’s a deep state conspiracy against Trump, with an anonymous person— posting under the moniker “Q” — inside the government providing ambiguous hints about the plot against Trump that will all be revealed in due time.

Trump was asked about the group at a briefing on Wednesday and said, among other positive comments, that he appreciated that “they like me very much.”

In the past, Trump has retweeted QAnon-linked Twitter accounts and supported congressional candidates who believe the unhinged conspiracy theory.

Tuesday he just made it known he’s all-in.

Throughout the day, as usual, Trump opted for rants over work. Notably, he tried to cancel Goodyear over something that isn’t true, even giving a de facto free ad for all of the company’s competitors: “Get better tires for far less!”

Trump invented future drastic prescription drug price reductions that he has been unable to achieve in over 3.5 years in office.

At night, he live-tweeted Barack Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech. Obama criticized Trump for being incapable of doing the job he was elected to do and Trump largely proved Obama right in real time by yelling into the void like a lunatic.

With an election less than three months away, Trump is not even trying to appear remotely like someone who understands what it means to be president.

1,308 days in, 154 to go

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