Day 1,304: Trump played golf Saturday, a day he claimed three weeks ago he’d have ‘strong focus’ on COVID-19

2 min readAug 16, 2020

Trump in July: I’ll be too busy to throw out first pitch at Yankees game

Three weeks ago, Donald Trump claimed he would have too much work on his plate to throw out the first pitch at the New York Yankees baseball game scheduled for August 15. His excuse was a “strong focus” on COVID-19 and “scheduled meetings” related to vaccines and the economy.

August 15 is here and Trump had no such meetings on his schedule. Instead, quite predictably, Trump played golf at one of his private clubs, even as his brother and self-described “best friend” was dying in a New York hospital.

On Day 1,284, we noted the inevitability of the situation, as he was playing golf week after week after week.

His decision to not throw a first pitch has little to do with the coronavirus or the economy. In three weeks, Trump and his team will likely dodge any explanation as to why his schedule has no such meetings for the things he is now proclaiming to be busy with.

COVID-19 is still spreading like wildfire in the U.S., with more than 5.2 million Americans infected and more than 167,000 dead from the virus.

It turns out the Yankees never even invited Trump to throw out the first pitch.

1,304 days in, 158 to go

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