Day 1,296: Trump at briefing from NJ golf club promises to force insurers to cover preexisting conditions. Obamacare already does that.

As if the grifting couldn’t get more obvious, Donald Trump decided to hold an impromptu press briefing from his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club on Friday.

Surrounded by casually-clad and wine-sipping club members, who have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to be members of his club, Trump tried to claim that COVID-19 was “disappearing,” despite more than 1,000 Americans dying of the disease every day.

He also tried to turn the event into a rally, using absurd reasons as to why mask-wearing was unnecessary.

Ignoring the past nearly-four years, Trump promised he would become an instant dealmaker.

Most laughably, Trump announced that he was likely to sign an executive order that would require health insurers to cover preexisting conditions. The Affordable Care Act — which Trump, the Republican Party and the DOJ are trying to have struck down in its entirely — already requires that by law.

Trump spent all day Friday at his golf club. While Congress is trying to negotiate a new economic relief package for Americans struggling in the wake of COVID-19, Trump is rubbing elbows with his for-pay friends.

1,296 days in, 166 to go

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