Day 1,283: COVID-19 is claiming the equivalent number of American lives as seven full 737s per day and Trump is still golfing and grifting

Donald Trump is many things, but shameless is one of his most prominent qualities. That’s rarely been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With more than 1,000 Americans dying daily — the equivalent of seven full 737 airplanes— and nearly 150,000 dead since the pandemic began, Trump has decided it’s a lost cause.

So it’s no real surprise that this weekend Trump has continued his tradition of playing golf and stuffing his wallet. By the end of the weekend, Trump will have spent a total of three full months at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club in 42 months in office.

While there, Trump is playing golf, of course, and profiting, like he does every time he visits one of his properties.

Recently, Trump has really ramped up his grift and Saturday was no exception. After his golf round, he attended a fundraiser at the golf club, with fees for hosting the fundraiser — such as room rentals, food and drink — surely ending up in his own pocket. While donations start in his campaign’s pocket, if history is any indication, there’s only a matter of time before a chunk of that money flows into his own pocket too.

There’s nothing that will stop Trump from thinking about Trump first. While the country is wading through COVID-19 — from a health and economic perspective — the White House is proudly showing Trump at his private golf course displaying his trademark thumbs-up/shit-eating grin combo.

1,283 days in, 179 to go

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