Day 1,280: Trump brags about getting ‘extra points’ for repeating five words in a row on dementia test

2 min readJul 23, 2020

Donald Trump has made mental fitness one of his key issues in the 2020 election in an attempt to paint Joe Biden as senile.

Yet Trump is the one who continues to boast about passing a ludicrously easy exam that identifies the level of dementia the taker has.

Wednesday, that meant a minutes-long ramble about the cognitive exam and his request for one. In talking about the exam, Trump bragged about getting “extra points” in the memory section of the test that asked him to name five things in order. Trump claimed that “nobody gets it in order, it’s actually not that easy, but for me it was easy. And that’s not an easy question.”

To do the job of president effectively, one must have tremendous recall and attention to detail. Trump is going on minutes-long rants about how he can remember five words in a row.

In recent weeks, showing how low the bar for Trump is, his supporters have celebrated him wearing a mask for an hour, drinking water with one hand, walking down a ramp and being interviewed outside. Him allegedly — the test results have not actually been released to the public — passing an exam designed for people that may have dementia is sure to be the next rallying point.

1,280 days in, 182 to go

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