Day 1,253: Trump can’t give one priority he would tackle if reelected and cites law signed by Obama as one of his own top accomplishments

2 min readJun 26, 2020


Donald Trump flew to Wisconsin on Thursday, first for a sycophantic town hall hosted by Sean Hannity, and later a speech at a shipyard.

With Hannity, Trump was lobbed softball after softball and continued to strike out.

Asked about his top priorities for a second term, Trump rambled on about experience and talent, failing to name a single goal, before moving on to ranting about John Bolton.

Asked what his signature accomplishments have been thus far, Trump cited the Veterans Choice Act, signed into law by Barack Obama in 2014.

Later, at the shipyard, Trump, rambling about “talent” again, laughably claimed that he changed the design of Navy ships to make them look “beautiful” so that they looked “like a yacht with missiles on it.”

Trump’s claim was an obvious lie.

He asserted new Navy boats would have air and land functionality too.

Later in the day Trump claimed Joe Biden misspeaking and saying “million” instead of “thousand,” referring to the more than 120,000 dead from coronavirus, was “beyond a normal mistake.”

Meanwhile, while ignoring COVID-19 as it rages out of control, Trump is pretending that he designs beautiful Navy ships that fly through the air,

1,253 days in, 209 to go

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