Day 1,251: Trump admits he doesn’t know what the ‘19’ in ‘COVID-19’ represents

Donald Trump went to Phoenix, Arizona for a Students for Trump event, seeking to stem the negative press of a disastrous speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday.

Trump did his usual to rile up the crowd, working himself into an orange glow under the hot lights. He boasted about a border wall, slandered the media, railed against mail-in voting — of which he is a participant — and shouted about protecting confederate monuments.

But it was the coronavirus portion of the evening that is causing the most pause. Repeating the racist “Kung Flu” moniker that Trump has taken to calling COVID-19, he also continued to reveal his total ignorance about the disease.

Somehow Trump doesn’t even know that the “19” in “COVID-19” stands for the year 2019. As is COronaVIrus Disease-2019.

He brags about slowing down coronavirus testing so they don’t hurt his numbers. He puts top scientists on the bench when they could help the country take steps to slow the spread of the disease. He buries CDC recommendations. He refuses to wear a mask due to his own vanity.

Trump has been getting updates about the virus for six months. Nearly 2.5 million Americans have become infected and more than 120,000 have died from the disease. Tens of thousands more will surely follow.

And, as revealed again Tuesday evening — as he has done in the past —Trump isn’t even taking the disease seriously enough to understand its name.

1,251 days in, 211 to go

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