Day 1,247: Trump’s workweek: five days, six total events or meetings

2 min readJun 20, 2020

The laziest president in the modern era is at it — or not at it — again. Another week in the books and Donald Trump managed to eschew nearly all work.

COVID-19 is killing nearly 1,000 Americans a day and continues to surge in many hotspots. The economy is floundering, as more than 45 million Americans have sought unemployment assistance over the past four months. Protests around the country show visceral anger about race relations and police brutality. And that’s just on the biggest items. Healthcare, infrastructure, opioid addiction and funding for schools are topics that loom around every corner and in every state.

From a foreign policy perspective, North Korea continues to build out their nuclear arsenal and the U.S. still has tens of thousands of troops in the Middle East, among a litany of other topics that deserve attention.

Then there’s Trump, whose schedule would make swiss cheese blush.

Monday: Roundtable — Fighting for America’s Seniors (1 hour)

Tuesday: Executive Order on police accountability (30 minutes); intelligence briefing (1 hour)

Wednesday: Announcement about suicide prevention task force (30 minutes)

Thursday: Roundtable — Governors on the reopening of America’s small businesses (30 minutes)

Friday: Intelligence briefing (1 hour)

Tuesday’s exectuve order signing went off the rails. Thursday’s event saw Trump scrolling through his phone as business owners told their COVID-19 horror stories.

Trump’s public schedule isn’t necessarily the only things he does on a given day, but since they include many people from inside and outside the government, most bigger line-items are on the schedule.

There’s also that pesky evidence that pops up every time Trump’s fingers itch. Over the past five days, Trump pumped out well over 100 tweets. Yet he managed to take an entire workweek and have six meetings and events totaling less than five hours.

1,247 days in, 215 to go

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