Day 1,232: Trump finally gets his wall, but it surrounds the White House, not Mexico

People laughed at Donald Trump’s ‘we’re going to build a wall from coast-to-coast’ folly on the campaign trail and after he took office.

Well, he’s is building a complete barrier. Only, it’s nowhere near Mexico. It will surround the White House, joining a permanent fence, other temporary fences and armed Secret Service agents for protection. After humiliating himself and terrorizing Americans because he hid in a White House bunker designed to protect from terrorist attacks while protesters were on the street, Trump decided he wanted more security.

After another night of peaceful protests outside of Lafayette Square Wednesday, workers were seen putting up new fencing barriers around the White House complex Thursday morning, adding to the 8-foot fence that was erected around the entrance to Lafayette Square earlier in the week.

It is unclear why the White House felt the need for additional fencing. Although protests over the weekend in response to George Floyd’s death became violent at times, demonstrations have been peaceful since Monday when police forcibly removed peaceful protesters from the Lafayette Square area using rubber bullets, smoke bombs and pepper balls so that Trump could take a photo in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

In addition to the fencing, there are new concrete barriers.

That makes at least three layers of fences and a concrete barrier for the person that swore yesterday that he wasn’t hiding in the White House bunker but was merely “inspecting” it.

As for the actual wall Trump boasted about building along the southern border, just over 100 miles had been constructed as of February — and the constructed areas are almost entirely replacement fencing for an already existing barrier —and it’s being easily penetrated by cheap tools. Mexico still hasn’t contributed a dime.

1,232 days in, 230 to go

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