Day 1,230: Trump is falling off the cliff, desperate to find something to grasp onto

2 min readJun 3, 2020

Donald Trump’s time in office has been chaotic, often intentionally so. Right now, as the country dissolves into utter chaos, a mix of coronavirus and pent-up anger at police violence and racial disparities in the justice system leading to nationwide protests, Trump’s remarkable inability to lead has shone through.

A day removed from gassing peaceful protesters for a photo-op at a church, it’s clear that Trump’s team is making decisions in a desperate attempt to shift the narrative into anything positive. Neutral would be acceptable for them at this point.

His latest stunt alienated many religious leaders, angry that he used the church for a political prop. His aggressive actions, including using troops as political pawns, has angered retired generals. And his racist rhetoric and actions for years have driven a permanent wedge between himself and minorities.

Right now, Trump can’t extricate himself from the hole he’s dug himself. So he spends his days comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, as if anyone but his most ardent supporters will believe it.

And as the coronavirus continues to inflict nationwide damage, allowed to fester and grow due to little federal response from Trump has his team, Trump continues to try and rewrite history.

Trump said in February, that the U.S. was “very close to a vaccine” as he continued to pump dangerous and ineffective treatments.

When he’s stuck, he’s taken to writing tweets with random words and phrases in all-caps.

Protests predominately led by black people looking for racial equality is a terrible look for Trump. His racist history is well-documented, and he has made clear that black people are not part of Team MAGA.

Americans dying by the thousands of a disease Trump repeatedly called a political “hoax” is a terrible look for Trump. His skepticism and playing down of the virus is well-documented, and he has tried to pressure armed supporters to “liberate” their states from elected officials.

There’s no plan here. There never has been. It’s just about finding the next handhold to avoid plunging to an electoral death in November. Right now, Trump is grasping at air and panicking.

1,230 days in, 232 to go

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