Day 1,229: Upset about reports he hid in bunker, Trump had peaceful protesters shot with tear gas so he could hold up a Bible outside

Speaking in the Rose Garden on Monday, Donald Trump threatened the nation that the military would soon take to the streets if protests remained out of hand. However, he swore that he was an “ally of all peaceful protesters.”

Yet as he was speaking, law enforcement in the area fired rubber bullets, tear gas and flash grenades at peaceful protesters all so Trump could walk to a nearby church.

When Trump got to the church, he held up a Bible (not his Bible, he clarified) and scowled for a few moments before leaving. He got his photo-op and left, caring little about the people who were needlessly terrorized by law enforcement and whose eyes were burning for that picture.

The church, for their part, was furious about being used as a political pawn in Trump’s game.

Trump reportedly ventured outside because he furious about reports that he hid in a White House bunker designed to combat terrorist attacks when protesters were nearby on Friday.

People have the right to peacefully assemble under the First Amendment. Under Trump, apparently, the Constitution can be usurped if there’s a need for a picture to combat reports of cowardice.

1,229 days in, 233 to go

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