Day 1,224: U.S. hits 100,000 dead from coronavirus and Trump is just tweeting bullshit

The coronavirus death toll passed 100,000 lives in the U.S. on Wednesday, less than four months after the first case in the country. The somber milestone reflects just how difficult most of 2020 has been for most of the country, but especially for those battling the disease and the millions of families and friends who have lost someone close to them to it.

Donald Trump, who allowed the disease to fester and grow without any real leadership and has downplayed it for months, spent the day tweeting utter and complete bullshit. He threatened social media companies with things he has no authority to do and peddled in multiple made-up conspiracy theories.

Trump touted the amount of coronavirus tests the U.S. has conducted, missing the fact that many countries — like South Korea, for example — have largely stopped testing because their initial robust response stemmed the infection from permeating their country.

With 100,000 dead and rising by the day from a virus that Trump called a political hoax on numerous occasions, his March words about his response sadly still echo: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

1,224 days in, 238 to go

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