Day 1,214: Trump mad at reporter for keeping him safe, agrees he’s ‘vain’ and ‘insensitive,’ engages in some mutual ass-kissing with far-right-wingers

Sunday, Donald Trump retweeted a Republican congressman who complimented his work ethic and tenacity. Facts, the last three-and-a-half years and the sheer amount of weekend tweets would seem to rebut that congressman’s claim.

He called into a golf broadcast to complain about having to watch too many old golf tournaments right now.

“I’m getting a little tired of watching 10-year-old golf tournaments [on television] where you know who won,” Trump said.

His Sunday tweets were almost laughable in their transparency. There were many projecting tweets about invented Barack Obama scandals and corruption.

Trump and his son Eric tried a “gotcha” moment, calling CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins a “joke” and a “faker” for removing her face mask for a few seconds after a press briefing.

Of course, the edited video also ends with Collins appearing to pull her mask back up. But considering she was sitting in the front row, Trump should have thanked her for wearing a mask until he walked away since it was far more for his benefit than hers.

Collins, for her part, tweeted back that Trump should be more concerned about the number of deaths from coronavirus, something he wholly ignores.

Trump is more focused on pushing the factually-deficient idea that the coronavirus “situation” is being handled “REALLY well, medically.”

The U.S. has had over 1.5 million infected individuals as Trump continues to invent a vaccine timeline.

Trump also thanked the actor James Woods for the “great compliment” that he was “vain, insensitive and raw.”

Trump would go on to retweet a ton of sycophantic far-right-wing ass-kissers peddling books and their content, with each side trying to ingratiate themselves to the other.

If Trump was trying to give off the impression of stability and work ethic this weekend, he failed miserably.

1,214 days in, 248 to go

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