Day 1,199: Trump celebrates brutal dictator Kim Jong-un’s health amid Saturday tweetstorm

2 min readMay 3, 2020

Donald Trump left the White House for Camp David on Friday afternoon. By Saturday, apparent boredom had already set in.

While he’d usually be at his golf club to have wealthy members brown-nose him at every turn, he was stuck at the presidential retreat with his aides. Without much to do, Trump took to Twitter early and often, to the tune of nearly 40 times.

He celebrated dictator Kim Jong-un’s reappearance and apparent health amid scrutiny that he may have been incapacitated or dead.

He revealed that after more than three years on the job and seven decades of life he doesn’t know it’s “Capitol Hill,” not “Capital Hill,” while trying to push back on reports that there aren’t enough coronavirus tests for Senators.

In one of his favorite lies, he bragged about poll numbers that aren’t true.

There were the retweets of fringe right-wing characters and possible bots stroking his ego.

He played the old hits.

And admitted he spends a ton of time on Twitter (which needed no admission).

He spent time focusing on what’s on TV — the thing that eats up more of his schedule than anything else — including retweeting multiple Fox News lineup announcements.

None of this is particularly shocking. On weekends when he’s forced to stay home — either due to weather or crises — he’s gone the tweetstorm route for years.

But just because Trump does something frequently, that isn’t a reason to normalize it. It remains deeply bizarre behavior revealing his fragile ego and impulsiveness that are a danger to national security.

1,199 days in, 263 to go

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