Day 1,179: Trump: Let’s be thankful this Easter. Also, here are people and things I hate.

2 min readApr 13, 2020


Donald Trump never seems to grasp that his words echo for longer than the millisecond after he says or tweets them. Take yesterday, when he lambasted the use of anonymous sources three hours before using one himself.

On Easter Sunday, Trump wished holiday greetings on Twitter, encouraging togetherness and thankfulness.

However, for the rest of the day, over dozens of tweets, he decided to tear into as many of his perceived enemies as possible and tweet truly confounding things.

Trump seemed to revel in the coronavirus turmoil, saying there is both a historic disaster declaration and that the U.S. is “winning” the fight, as if those two things aren’t incongruous.

After retweeting numerous Fox News bootlickers, Trump was upset that one of the few journalists at the network wasn’t lining up to lap-up everything Trump was regurgitating.

Of course, he saved admonishment for the rest of the media too.

And, running from a leadership role, Trump continued to push off federal coronavirus responsibilities to states: “No excuses!” he cried.

Perhaps most significantly, he retweeted a message to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s leading infectious disease expert. Trump added that Fauci’s criticisms were “Fake News” because he did a fraction of an iota of what was actually necessary.

In a particularly odd one, Trump also retweeted — for an unknown reason — a nearly year-old tweet from a woman who — also for some unknown reason — blamed Barack Obama’s administration for medical error associated with her cancer treatment. She noted that Trump saved her, somehow.

After that, Trump mostly stuck with retweeting right wing trolls doing their thing, including attacking Joe Biden.

So much for Easter unity.

1,179 days in, 283 to go

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