Day 1,174: Hypocritical Trump: ‘Vote-by-mail’ edition

Donald Trump is a hypocrite in every sense of the word. He has frequently criticized Barack Obama for one thing only to do the same thing in far greater frequency. There’s a reason why “there’s a tweet for everything” is the unofficial motto of many of Trump’s critics.

So it’s no surprise that when asked Tuesday about expanding vote-by-mail in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump revealed himself to be a double-dealer.

Republicans have pushed back on mail-in voting, even admitting that the reason is voter disenfranchisement. They know that they’re more likely to lose elections when turnout is higher.

Trump largely agreed with that sentiment during an interview on Fox News last week, making the issue purely political.

Yet Trump, now a Florida resident, voted in their March primary. By mail.

Tuesday he defended such action because he was “out of state” and wouldn’t be able to go vote.

He spouted gobbledygook how being voluntarily away from polling locations gave him the right to mail in his vote but those worried about coronavirus would have to stand in line and risk getting sick or getting others sick. He cited voter fraud, despite it being an incredibly rare occurrence.

Continuing his nonsensical and circular arguments, Trump noted the need for “certifications” and other state requirements when mailing in votes. But those wouldn’t be affected if someone was 20 steps from their assigned polling location or 20 states away.

“I think that mail-in voting is a terrible thing,” said the man who took advantage of mail-in voting less than a month ago.

1,174 days in, 288 to go

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