Day 1,170: Trump: oil prices falling is great; Trump: oil prices rising is great

Donald Trump will never let facts or common sense stop him from declaring something a victory.

See, for example, oil prices.

Less than four weeks ago, Trump excitedly declared falling oil prices as “good for the consumer.”

Now, Trump is celebrating potential price fixing by two of the world’s biggest dictators — one self-described as a “friend,” the other helping him win the 2016 election — as “GREAT for the oil & gas industry!”

Like most stories that emanate from Trump, the underlying facts may be completely wrong: there might not be any deal at all.

But the point is Trump is ready to celebrate a win no matter how this shakes out.

It’s impossible for both consumers and Big Oil to simultaneously benefit from price fluctuations. If more oil is produced, the industry competes against each other and prices fall. If less oil is produced, consumers have less access to supplies and prices rise.

Like a fair-weather fan, whether prices ultimately rise or prices fall, Trump will be there to act as a cheerleader for whoever is having a better day.

1,170 days in, 292 to go

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