Day 1,166: Trump cares more about his TV ratings than the likelihood of 200,000+ Americans dying of coronavirus

2 min readMar 31, 2020

Just when Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic can’t seem to get any more disgusting, he shows it can.

It’s been patently obvious that Trump cares more about himself than an actual response to save American lives. To get heat off of him, Trump is presently pushing a conspiracy theory that hospitals are stealing their own supplies. He has also threatened governors that if they don’t “treat [him] right” they might lose their federal aid.

Over the past few days, Trump’s act has gotten even more gross because he keeps bragging about his TV ratings, as if they’re in the top-100 of important things right now.

If he cared at all about anything other than ratings, there would be full focus on doctors and scientists at press briefings. Instead, like Monday, Trump is hosting the guy shilling pillows on 30-minute infomercials and Fox News so that he can lavish Trump with praise.

Just over a month ago, Trump boasted that the coronavirus would shortly be eradicated from American soil. Yet now he’s saying that if the U.S. can hold the death count below 200,000 people, it’d be a “very good job.”

Trump thinks he deserve a pat on the back for keeping the death toll to 67-times the number of people who died on September 11. That’s the total number of people in the U.S. who have lost their lives in traffic accidents over the last six years. Trump is waving away the same number of deaths as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease combined as a “good job,” when the ink on the newspapers that printed his claim that the number of cases in the U.S. would soon be zero is still wet.

Trump’s horrific response to the coronavirus didn’t start the disease, but it did allow it to fester and grow to unimaginable proportions in the U.S.

And, impossibly, it’s still all a game to him.

He cares not about the victims and their families. He insults the overworked and heroic medical professionals fighting an invisible enemy on the front lines. To Trump it doesn’t matter how many die, only how he can spin it and generate TV ratings.

1,166 days in, 296 to go

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