Day 1,164: Trump to governors: kiss my ass or your residents will die

Even in the craven political world in Washington D.C., in times of crisis, the lives of Americans take priority over virtually everything else.

That is, the lives of Americans used to take priority B.D.T.: Before Donald Trump.

In an act that revealed, yet again, both his true ‘I-dont-give-a-shit-about-most-of-the-country’ and his paper-thin skin, on Friday Trump threatened governors that federal aid to help states battle coronavirus could be withheld if they didn’t “treat [him] right.”

Trump was issuing a warning to everyone, but using two specific governors as examples: Washington’s Jay Inslee and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, the latter whom Trump derogatorily referred to as “the woman in Michigan.”

When asked about the nationwide ventilator shortage, and states getting enough of what they need, Trump told the reporter to not be a “cutie-pie.”

Any question to Trump regarding his administration’s pathetic response is flatly rejected on its face. For reporters that means being rebuffed in condescending ways. For states it means not getting needed money or supplies. For the nation it means a higher chance of death for every resident and the coronavirus continuing to spread at the fastest rate in the world.

1,164 days in, 298 to go

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